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Planning For SUCCESS – Bring PLAN B to life

It’s wonderful to have a Dream and want an amazing life, financial freedom, time to live life on your terms, and have the flexibility to schedule your life in the way that you want. A dream will get you started but there needs to be a Plan of Action that is realistic and Motivation to sustain you for the long haul.

Reality or Fantasy

First thing needed is a reality check. If your Plan B is that you are going to make $10,000 your first month in business and kiss your day job good-bye in 3 months you need to determine whether that is realistic based on your current situation. I’m not saying it can’t happen, but it generally isn’t realistic for the masses. If you have 10 to 15 hours a week tops to build your new business it will likely take more than 30 days to become a success, especially if you are a newbie to the business.

So think about it, can you give yourself the time and space to learn what you need to be successful. If you can focus on one step at a time and celebrate the success you have whether it’s accomplishments or monetary you will be more likely to stay the course.


Most people have heard of SMART Goals these days, if you haven’t it looks like this:

  • S – Specific
  • M – Measurable
  • A – Achievable
  • R- Relevant
  • T – Time oriented

Ex: I will spend 15 hours a week building my online business and have my website complete with at least 10 blog posts and 2 affiliate programs set up in the next 30 days.
It’s pretty specific, 15 hours a week, learning and building my website with an end result of 10 blogs and 2 affiliate programs.

It’s certainly measurable, I will be able to identify when I have accomplished it.

Is it achievable, I can schedule out 15 hours a week with my current work week when I listen to training, research keywords, work on blog posts.

Since my long term goal is to create an online presence, build a following by creating value, and get an e-mail list to market to and create additional income, these seem like relevant tasks.

And it is time-oriented, I have weekly goals and a 30-day goal that I will be able to track and stay on point with, I know my time frame.

Building Motivation

There are 2 ways we are motivated. One is moving away from pain and the other is moving towards pleasure or a vision of something we truly desire. For instance, when it’s getting more difficult to breathe when you button your pants, there is a motivation to lose some weight. That pain will initially be very motivating, and might sustain you for a week or two but as soon as some feelings of deprivation set in and the pants are a little looser that motivation loses most of it’s power.

On the other hand if when you set the goal to lose some weight you also add in a vision of being healthy and maybe even running a 5K you start to create a picture of how life will look once you achieve that goal. When you start to feel some deprivation that comes along with what you are missing out on you can fall back on all that you will gain as you move into this new life with a healthier, stronger, happier you.

That is the nutshell version of how we change successfully. It’s true with being successful with your Plan B as well. If you can dream a little and see in your mind, feel in your bones, know in your heart how great your life can be once you achieve what you are setting out to accomplish you will be able to navigate the ups and downs. There will be sacrifices along the way, there are no gains without a few losses. Just think about it, if you are giving 15 hours a week to the new business that time has to come from somewhere, less sleep, less TV time. But these are short term losses for long term gains.

Tools for Change – Some things you can do to stay the course

Come up with a Pros and Cons List, answer the following questions.

  • What are the benefits of investing the time and possibly money to do this?
  • What are the disadvantages of doing this?
  • Where will I be in 5 years if I don’t do this?

Journal these questions –

Where do I want to be a year from now (You can answer this about any area of your life not just career or income)

Where am I now in respect to where I want to be?

What am I willing to do to get there?

What is the first thing I need to change in order to get there?

What is my vision – write out as many aspects as you can of what your life will be like once you have accomplished your goal.

Where will I be if keep doing what I am currently doing?

(Read these daily)

Another great motivational tool is reading and listening to great motivational speakers – here are a few of the ones I like:

Tony Robbins

Zig Ziglar

Jim Rohn

Jack Canfield

T Harv Eker


The Power of Positive Thinking

The Power of The Subconscious Mind

Think and Grow Rich

The Millionaire Mind


Create your Vision Board

Celebrate your Successes


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