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Celebrate Success – You Deserve a Reward For Your Efforts

Acknowledge Yourself

It seems like we forget that their is a learning curve to new things. If you are on this journey to create additional income streams or to replace a current income it is important to remember change does not happen overnight. If you look at your past successes objectively, it is likely that you will see you weren’t an expert in your field overnight. You had to study, get education, certifications, on the job training before you felt confident. This is totally different territory and the same is true here. You need to learn the process.

A part of keeping motivated and focused is checking in and acknowledging your successes consistently. If you committed to spending an hour a day listening to trainings, doing research, writing a blog and you did it, acknowledge and appreciate yourself for keeping that commitment to you. That might look like saying good job to yourself and sitting down with a cup of tea and reading for 20 minutes at the end of the day. It could just be writing out your daily successes at the end of the day in a journal so that you have a record that shows you are making progress, you are taking steps in the right direction.

Be patient with yourself.

Resistance To Celebrating Yourself

This may seem like a foreign idea to many because we are taught from an early age that their are certain things you are supposed to just do. You are expected to get good grades, do your chores, be a certain way. Whatever it looked like in the home you grew up in, it’s likely you weren’t acknowledged and appreciated for the things you did right. If your home was like most, it is more likely that you were noticed when you didn’t do things that you were expected to do, if you didn’t do them as well as you could have.

So we are taught to notice what isn’t good enough. I’m not saying don’t hold yourself to a high standard, but also give yourself a break. If the Wright Brothers or Thomas Edison had been super critical on themselves rather than looking at failures as learning experiences, and acknowledging their success along the way we would be living in a very different world right now.

So have high standards, strive for excellence, and acknowledge and appreciate every step you take in that direction.

Obstacles To Success

What else gets in the way? Often adding another project to the list of to do’s can create overwhelm. Remember to breathe along the way and use stress reduction techniques like meditation or Emotional Freedom Techniques (check out You Tube) to lower your stress level. It’s best to just acknowledge that you are feeling overwhelmed and maybe check in and see if you can chunk down the task at hand and make it more manageable. Also, going back to expectation, are you being reasonable about what you can accomplish? Celebrating successes can help keep the motivation up when overwhelm sets in. This is where having a daily success journal can be really helpful. If you are documenting how much you have accomplished you can see that you are making progress and see that you are on the path to success.

Fear of missing out. Sometimes when you are building a business on the side, it feels like you don’t have a life anymore. You start to feel a little sorry for yourself because you are missing out on your down time, maybe some social time. It feels like life is all about work. First of all it’s all about choices, this is a decision you made because your long term goal was to have something better for yourself. That is also the second of all, this is the short term, if you put forth the effort now, you reap the rewards later. There is that word again. Remember to reward yourself along the way, don’t just wait for the future rewards, enjoy the successes now. You are probably seeking something better because you were getting burned out from what you were doing before. So don’t do that with this. I know it’s a little cliche but it is about the journey not the destination. There really is no there. As soon as you get there, you will start to strive for something else that is what we humans do.

Fear of Success. We all understand fear of failure and may have a little of that going on. Acknowledging yourself along the way and seeing your progress, having a vision, can help lessen that fear. Fear of success on the other had has to do more with lack of self-esteem, fear of the responsibility that comes along with being successful. If we are taught that it’s bragging and boastful to stand out, or we were shut down when we were proud of our successes as children it may be difficult to really get in the mindset of success. It might even feel like you are going against the family vow of “it’s vain and arrogant to stand out”, so you need to play it small or people will judge you. So ask yourself, who is going to be upset with you when you become successful? Will you still fit in with friends and family when you are successful? There can be a lot of things under the surface if you fear success. How do you know if this is one of your issues? If you have a pattern of starting things and never finishing them, or if you tend to do a lot of self sabotaging behaviors like procratination for example this might be a part of what is going on.

The antidote to all of these is to appreciate,acknowledge, and celebrate yourself. We all have some successes, so look at your past accomplishments and write them down, verbally tell yourself “Good Job”. Start to keep a success journal and notice what you are accomplishing on a daily basis, in the beginning it might be as simple as I made it to work on time today, I kept my commitment to eating healthy today, or it could be big stuff, I got a promotion today, I made my first online sale. Having this log will give you something to reflect on when you are thinking of giving up or feeling less than.



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