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Affilorama Product Review – Is Affilorama A Scam

Affilorama Affiliate Marketing

Name: Affilorama

Website: Click Here!

Owners: Mark Ling & Simon Slade founded in 2006


Product Overview

Affilorama offers training on Affiliate Marketing.  Affiliate Marketing is the process of selling products that others have created, or promoting products through sites like Amazon to earn a commission. Affilorama has a free training and an upgrade option for premium training level. With the free training you will get an introduction into affiliate marketing, what it is, how it works, where to find affiliate programs. The premium package offers more videos that build on the foundation program.


Who is this product for?

This is for anyone that is interested in learning to make money either selling other peoples products or interested in creating their own products and marketing them online. You will learn to create content, SEO, building a website. So if you are a newbie or a seasoned online marketer there will likely be some information that you have not had before.


Product Tools and Training

The Affilorama trainings are primarily video based. The training will give you a good foundation in Affiliate Marketing, but you will need to upgrade to premium to build websites.


Product Support

There is online support but the response time for questions and problems is not all that quick. It appears that the online community is not very active.


Product Price

You can join for free, with the option to go to Premium for $1.00 for the first 30 days. After that it is $67 a month. There are several up sells including Affiorama Blueprint with an initial cost so $197 and then the $67 monthly membership, this gives you more trainings, more website options. There is also the AffilioJetPack product that sells for $497 and comes with upgrades like creating e-books, building autoresponders, Content Management System, Private Label Rights. Some if this might be helpful but can be overwhelming when you are just starting out. It can also really start to add up if you are trying to stay within a budget.


Pros and Cons


  • Free membership allows you to test it out before investing
  • Solid and Valuable training
  • Hosting up to 15 websites with upgraded membership, everything under one roof so to speak.


  • Upsells that can get confusing and pricey if you are new to online marketing and affiliate programs
  • Online support isn’t very quick, not a very active online community
  • Some of the training material is outdated
  • Basic membership is a good start but not enough if you are a newbie to be successful online

These are suggested Upgrades

Recommended Market Research Products


The easiest step-by-step guide to making money online as an affiliate marketer. If you want a way to get it right straight off the bat, then AffiloBlueprint is what you’re looking for.

This product sells for $197.


Affiliate Marketing can take a lot of time, effort, and money that not everyone has to spare. If you want to get set up fast with most of the work done for you (and done right!), then you’re looking for AffiloJetpack.

This product cost $997, it makes it look super easy to make tons of money online. Maybe I’m a bit skeptical but my experience is if it looks too good to be true it probably is. Making money online may be fun and easy but it still takes some time and effort on your part, I don’t think there is a quick fix, if you can prove me wrong please let me know, I would love nothing more that to sit on the beach and let the money roll in.


AffiloTools crunches data from a range of premium sources to find out what’s REALLY happening on your website. Search engines, social media, revenue… All your most important data, all in one place. You can check the health of your website to ensure nothing is holding you back, manage your keywords, check up on your traffic, and even manage your social media efforts.

You can get started with AffilioTools for free.

If you add all of these products it increases your initial investment by quite a bit.


Final Opinion and Verdict

Affilorama is a solid program with valuable information. It is not a scam, it is legit. However, in my opinion it is not the best program out there. As I said in my Wealthy Affiliate Review, I am a little biased, WA offers updated information and valuable online support both from the owners, their online tech support, and the active online community.


At a glance

  • Product Name: Affilorama
  • Owner: Mark LIng & Simon Slade
  • Website:
  • Price: Can start for free, $1 for 30 days, $67 a month, with potential upgrades
  • Overall Grade: B